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Farhad AkbarpourPersonal:Farhad Akbarpour-Year of Birth 1972 - married.

Profile of study:

PhD student counseling.

Master of educational planning.

Bachelor of Educational Technology.

Computer hardware (technician) - Teacher (Associate).
Short-term:repairs, hardware electronics, the production of electronic content.
3 - Summary of Work Experience: (a) Teaching (b) Software Development (c) Executive Responsibility
A - Teaching of 1995-2009 years
A third and fifth grade teacher.
a guidance secretary.
Three years Secretary of the third year mathematical foundations of informatics.
Two years in the departments of district 15 of Tehran.
Computer training instructor for four years cultural district 15 of Tehran.
Lecturer RoboCup 2004-2009.
Teacher hacked,Computing Center Region 15 of Tehran;2007
Expert House of EbneSina 2005-2009.
Family counselor and Academic adviser of EbneSina 2005-2017.
Method teaches students research, the research house of EbneSina 2012-2017.
Workshop instructor creativity and research Triz  house of EbneSina 2012-2017.
ICDL Iran Foundation Programming Department (Ministry of Education, Research and Planning Organization, the global custodian in Iran ICDL).
B - production of software (1995-2008) by (Assembely-Pascal-Delphi-Paradox-PHP-MySQL)Produced more than 40 different software titles:
1. Program encoder disk. Under DOS.
2. Pentium II computer program problems
3. Bank Region 15 questions.
4. Nama Saz - producing propaganda (like PowerPoint). Windows 3.1
5. Asan Rasm (like Excel - You can search and download from the Internet). Windows 3.1
6. Computer database of district 15 of Tehran.
7. Nama program (changes the appearance of Windows - You can search and download from the Internet).
8. District 15 of Tehran website. - Providing the first Portal Site of Region 15's - 1999.
9. Azmoon Nama (Management Exams with data analysis).
10. Preschool Educational Assistance Program (with scores of business organization in Tehran).
11. Tazmin program (export factor services).
12. Testing program, cattell(anxiety).
13. Testing program, cattell (personality).
14. Golchin - the installation program useful with intelligent manner.
15. Persian Internet Explorer program.
16. Sarane Program- per unit for teaching and a national bank.
17. Comprehensive Plan Language Schools Register (network) - Order the Amir Institute.
18. Amir turnover control program (control flow to business bank accounts by diskette).
19. Watch program - used to control children's computer time.
20. Guarantee Program - issuing guarantees more than 10 regional offices in Tehran - a butterfly release.
21. Project control programs for students.
22. Award programs (including lottery points).
23. Programming question - Department of Educational Studies.
24. Program analysis - Department of Educational Studies.
25. Program Management Conferences - IT Center of Education in Tehran.
26. Program, children - teaching children with mental retardation.
27. Hozooor ,Program participation (Department of Educational Studies).
28. Designed WebSite(Department of Educational Studies,
Region 15)- 2001.
29. Multimedia CD , IT Center of Education in Tehran, Region 15 ,Conference.
30. Produced 10 CD . Multimedia (Amir English Institute).
31. Site Amir Institute - with the ability to score and feed information to an intelligent desktop application, (PHP).
32. Design, data collection program, the largest student encyclopedia.
33. Design Online Registration Amir with the ability to exchange data with desktop applications and Saman Bank Electronic Payment System - (PHP)
34. Accounting system data to Excel Converter education.
35. Design a converter program (Paradox 2 SQL).
Course notes : 500 practice in Pascal, IT, Dos, Computer Basics, Windows 98, Office, Programming C, Delphi 7 and etc.
37. Cooperation in the design and analysis of various software projects for group programming including:
Intelligent system for system analysis, management training centers, (SalarMehr group programming).
analysis System of warranty ,after sales service system( Afrang Arya Sepehr, Co Ltd.)
38. Author:: Quick Satrt to programing with PHP.
39. Loans programs.( Department of Education, District 15 of Tehran.)
40. And production of dozens of small programs,
for Example: applied research in the field of telephone secretary, database maintenance, Persian instruments, sort of Persian and etc.
41. educational consultant,  the research house of EbneSina 2012-2017.
42.Family counselor , the research house of EbneSina 2012-2017.
43.Academic adviser , the research house of EbneSina 2012-2017.

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